Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The "it" blogs

I was recently "tagged" by my Etsy buddy Pegasus Soaps
so I'm going to share with you some green facts and some eco-blogs that I have tagged.

Wondering how to spend that chubby (prod the economy) check you'll be getting from the U.S. government? Buy green, of course! To help here are four online sellers of great eco-products and fun facts about them.

Patagonia: Did you know that they have a recycling program for their used clothing? For more information about this, visit here.
EcoEtsySellers: Handmade and Eco-friendly. Can you do both?? YES!
Gaiam: Their organic fireside throw is one of my reasons for living. I couldn't survive the summers in San Francisco without mine. Here's one for you.
Envirosax: Envirosax: You should NOT choose plastic or paper. You should choose reusable canvas (or fancy Envirosax) bags.

Now... for some exciting eco info, visit these blogs!
Everyday Trash News on trash from around the world from Leila Darabi, a Brooklyn-based journalist ... check out her links to all things trashy and green.
It's So Easy Being Green Check out the "Re-purposing Junk Mail" entry.
Veggie Revolution Check out the bike commute info--whoa! Blog by book authors Sadie, Rick and Sally.
The Lazy Vegetarian I had to throw this in there... most of you know that I'm a veggie, but in case you didn't here it is. The best blog for lazy veggies, like me. P.S. veggies save the planet BIG TIME!

If you were tagged, you can write about four fun facts in your next blog, and tag four more blogs that you would like to share.


Andrea Q said...

Great links!

everydaytrash said...

Thanks for the shout out, I've added you to the blogroll!


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