Friday, November 23, 2007

Amazing Fashion Event in San Francisco!

I have been invited to show my handbag collection at this event!
Pease come by!

Chillin' Presents
Saturday December 1, 2007
60 Fashion Designers
80 Artists
40 Filmmakers
Music by:
KrisX, Russell Vargas, Laron, didje Kelli, Dirtyhertz, Taj and Dave Madix

Where: Mezzanine (444 Jessie Street) (
When: Saturday Dec. 1 from 8:00pm -2:00am
Cover: $6 before 10:00pm $7 after
Must be 21+ ID

Monday, November 12, 2007

How To make a BOX WREATH -Part 2

Are all your little boxes wrapped and the smallest of them ribboned? Takes a while--don't do it all in one day.

After you have many (about 100 boxes in various sizes) wrapped, separate them by size. The largest of your boxes will be the base, and the medium the second layer, on up.

Now you will need:
one round styrafoan wreath form (any size) covered with ribbon (so that it looks pretty and will last a long time)
a box of silver small-headed straight pins
hot glue gun
extra boxes (wrapped or not)
little decorations (such as tiny jingle bells, little alphabet blocks, or decorative "toys")

To wrap your wreath form in ribbon, use a solid color, like white or red. I think plain, inexpensive non-wired ribbon of about 1 inch thickness works best. Using a straight pin, fasten one end of your ribbon to the form. Then wrap the ribbon around the form, overlapping with each roatation. (See photo--this is a aquare form, but the idea is the same). Once you have wrapped the entire form, secure the last pice with another pin. You should only have to use two or three pins to wrap the wreath--the fewer the better.

I suggest leaving a ribbon tail for hanging. Fold it back and forth and secure it with another pin to the back of the form.

Next week we'll be ready to build the wreath!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

How to make a BOX WREATH -Part 1

Each Halloween, my mom and I get DOTS candy and my father eats them all. Then we wrap up those little boxes for our CHRISTMAS BOX WREATHS. OK, so we're instigating the future recycling, but you can also use the boxes make-up pencils come in, matchboxes or small jewelry boxes.

You need A LOT of boxes, so what we do is keep a bag in the closet and each time a small box comes our way, we put it in there. The largest boxes you need (for the base) should be about the size of a cigarette box, and the smallest (for the top) about the size of a Dots box (2.5 x 1.25 x 0.75).

We also save small leftover bits of wrapping paper. Plain paper or paper with a very small print works best. When you tear open your presents this year, don't throw out the paper--look for tape and rip-free scraps big enough to cover those little boxes. And, of course, save your ribbon. I shouldn't even need to say THAT!

The first step the the BOX WREATH of your dreams is to cover all those little boxes with paper. The large base boxes don't need ribbon. Get to work, and Part 2 will be here in a week!